Joli sandre pour PascalWalleye News - Week nr 46. Quickly into action, we attack on a first post with dead baitfish. Thanks to our experience with this technique we catch a nice little pike (65cm) between the piles of a bridge, a good beginning that motivates us. After passing thought the locks which allow us to enter the city, we spend the rest of the day in Amsterdam prospecting the channels. The technique consists of exploring systematically the bridges and piles where the walleye likes to stay. On the first posts very few attacks, but persistence pays and we catch some nice walleyes, one of them exceeds 70cm. Great Ambiance ...! "Street Fishing "all day on the canals between the houseboats and other houses right on the side of the water, not be bored.

PercheThe second day we are going to fish on the rivers 'de Vecht' and 'Zwartwater' and their connected lakes around Zwolle. In a typical Dutch weather between showers and gale, fishing is less "easy", the fish are harder to find and seem less active. We try soft baits and dead baits but no results. Alain decides to join the center of Zwolle in the channel. Again nice ambiances around the historic center of Zwolle in-between the houseboats and other old boats. We catch some nice walleyes and a nice perch at the same time the sun starts to shine (yes, really nice!).

Sandre pour MickThird day we tackled the famous lake 'Gooimeer', despite a sustained wind of force 4, we start the fishing day that will be prolific for my two companions in spite of the difficult conditions! Alain finds us some nice fish-signals on the fish-finder and positions the boat on the right spot. After a few animations with the softbait i am entitled to the first attack, encouraging ... ... but this will be the first and only one for me that day! This was not my day while at my side, Mick and Alain, managed to lure some beautiful walleye (70 cm for Mick) And a nice pike over 1 meter for Alain.