United States

General information

With several years of experience, fly fishing itinerary trips to the great rivers of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are now on their cruising speed. Our 2010 program includes a 9-day stay on the banks of two of the Great West most renowned rivers: the Henry’s Fork and the Missouri. One day will also be dedicated to the visit of the Yellowstone National Park; there, you will get a chance to fly fish the Madison, Firehole and Slough Creek rivers.

Be prepared for an intensive fly fishing program! In those quiet and pristine blue ribbon waters, you will cast to some of the most abundant population of native cutthroat, rainbow, brown and hybrid trouts in the world. Astounding diversity of natural sites and animal life, superb fishing experience with famous massive hatches, friendly and professional guiding and assistance with Alain Barthélemy or Rik van Goch: satisfaction guaranteed, a perfect trip!

Species of fish:
• Henry’s Fork (Idaho): 1 to 5 lb rainbow trouts, and some trophy sized fish…
• Slough Creek (Yellowstone Park): very important density of cutthroat and rainbow trouts (average site: 40-45 centimeters), beautiful scenery!
• Missouri (Montana): rainbow and brown trouts

Hatches and insects:
• Missouri River: loads of sedges, the famous PMDs (Pale Morning Duns)
• Henry’s Fork, Madison, Firehole and Slough Creek: the second hall of June is an explosive period, with PMDs, Caddis, Baetis , Drakes (big flies !!!), Midges, etc. It is not unusual to see these rivers literally covered with insects, which pull the fish up to the surface and which you will therefore fish mostly with dries.

This fishing trip will give you the unique opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of western American landscapes. You will be totally immersed in a wild and preserved nature with beautiful and spectacular scenery (Yellowstone River waterfalls, canyons, geysers and outstanding fauna and flora)